Comparison of telescope specifications

  Vultus telescoop Galaxus vultus telescoop Stellar Vultus telescoop lunus Vultus telescoop Astrus
Galaxus Stellar Lunus Astrus
Telescope type Reflector Refractor Refractor Refractor
Moon observation
Observing other planets X
Deep-sky observation X X X
Sun observation*
Spotting objects on Earth X
Focal length 1000 500 400 300
Lens diameter 114 80 70 70
Maximum magnification (X)  500 375 200 150
Tripod EQ3 + Alu AZ + Rvs AZ + Alu AZ + Alu
Install within 2 min X
Photography X
Weight (kg) 13 6 2.5 1.85

*if the sun filter has been purchased.

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