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In just a few years, thanks to an unparalleled focus on quality, expertise and innovation, Vultus has become one of the best-selling optical instruments in Europe.

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You can really see beautiful things with this telescope! The moon looks great up close

Ceeshuiza review - September 19, 2023


Beautiful telescope, I gave it as a gift to my partner. He is very happy with it.

Sylmee review - June 6, 2023


The telescope arrived quickly and is a very good beginner's telescope, definitely recommended for beginners.

Jhaey28 review - March 13, 2023


The telescope meets all product specifications. The adjustable tripod is especially useful, so I can easily use the telescope with my son. In addition, the adjustable tripod in combination with the carrying bag makes this telescope ideal for outdoor use.

MartijnGHoog review - August 7, 2022


No need to spend €500+ on a spotting scope (I have done so in the past). This spotting scope does everything I expect it to do. Recommended.

AlexAliciA review - May 6, 2022


Extremely pleased with this stargazer. I'm still quite a beginner myself, but I've already seen some beautiful things. Tip: start looking with the eyepiece with the smallest magnification (start with 25x).

RobbieSuz review - April 7, 2022

<tc>Vultus Stellar - 80/500 Telescope - White/Blue</tc> Vultus Astrus - 70/300 Telescope - White Vultus Astrus - 70/300 Telescope - Blue Vultus Lunus - 400/70 Telescope - Black Vultus Galaxus - 1000114EQ Telescope - Black



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