Monocular world exploration

    A monocular, often called monocular, is a portable optical lens that is smaller than a telescope or binoculars. It provides only one view and is designed to be used with one eye. For activities like hiking, camping, hunting, fishing and birdwatching where wearing binoculars is impractical, a monocular is a great option.

    Why a Monocular from Vultus?

    For those who want to watch outdoors with their hands free, Vultus monoculars are the best choice. The Vultus monoculars are easy to transport during outdoor activities due to their lightweight design and small size. In addition, the monocular offers excellent image quality, allowing you to explore your surroundings in a completely new way.


    We have a wide range of monoculars

    We have a variety of monocular alternatives available for use in different situations. We have the ideal solutions for you, whether you are looking for a monocular for outdoor activities or for work. Our monoculars and spotting scopes are of the highest caliber and deliver clear, high-quality images. We have a wide choice of monoculars, from portable, lightweight ones ideal for travel to strong, resilient models that work well in demanding environments. You can choose the ideal monocular that meets your needs as they come in different magnifications and lens sizes.