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Vultus Locus Monocular / Binoculars - With tripod - 8-24x40

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Do you enjoy exploring the outdoors and all it has to offer? With this Vultus Locus you can get up and get personally acquainted with your favorite thing. This Vultus monocular is perfect for spotting kites or taking in a huge mountain. Those who like to travel the world will find this monocular the perfect choice, thanks to its small dimensions and premium coated lens. However, there are many more advantages.

Zoom in and out in detail
This monocular has a zoom in and out function that allows objects to be viewed both up close and from a distance. This is different from many other monoculars, where the zoom function is fixed. This monocular can zoom in from 8x to 24x, making it suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy different distances up to 1000 meters.


  • Zoom in and out in detail
  • Light and compact design  – With a weight of 160 grams, this Vultus Locus is extremely light and very compact. Ideal for walkers, hikers and anyone with a little bit of room in their pocket.
  • Water and dustproof  – When it rains while walking, you don't have to worry about the monocular due to its waterproof design. In addition, this monocular has a very long lifespan, because it is also dustproof. This makes it suitable for any weather and any environment.
  • FMC coated lens – Thanks to the enormous prism and incredibly high resolution of the lens with improved FMC coating, you can take the most beautiful photos with an abundance of light. even when dusk falls!
  • ABS material Because ABS is a tough and durable material, it is often used for products with strict safety regulations, such as motorcycle helmets and car bumpers. This makes the binoculars very durable and drop-resistant.
  • Professional tripod – The tripod has a swivel range of 360 degrees and a tilt range of 180 degrees. This makes it easy to position the tripod at any angle, which is great if, for example, you're looking for moving things or want to minimize vibration when taking a photo.
  • Stable holding – This Vultus Locus feels particularly nice and comfortable in the hand due to the non-slip, rubber grip components, which provide the most enjoyable viewing experience.

HD Smartphone viewer
Some photos are just too beautiful to view just once or to keep for yourself. You can therefore take photos of everything you watch, thanks to the attached smartphone holder. Connect your smartphone to the holder and the monocular to the holder. suitable for devices up to 8.5 centimeters wide, including both Android and iPhones. You can always share your memories with your friends this way and save every memory.

Use your phone's zoom feature to zoom up to 60x!

Ideal for shorter distances
This Vultus Locus contains a zoom function that allows you to see objects up to 1000 meters away in great detail. Use your phone, as previously suggested, to extend this beyond 3500 meters. In addition, this Vultus Locus is set to the correct focus by default, so you can locate objects quickly and effectively and the chance of missing a fast-moving object is reduced.

Includes carrying case and neck strap
The monocular comes with a reliable carrying case and a cozy neck strap.This way you can take it with you immediately after you have quickly packed it! These features make this monocular ideal for long walks and travel. This Vultus Locus is also quite compact, making it perfect for carrying in, say, your back pocket.

If you have any problems with this Vutlus Locus, we will be happy to solve these problems together. Is the monocular, for whatever reason, not suitable for you? Then returns are completely  free.

Choose Vultus viewers today and enjoy broadening your horizons tomorrow!

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Explanation video

7 tot 25 keer zoomfunctie

Gebruik de draaiknop op de monokijker om van 7 tot 25 keer in te zoomen. Door de verstelbare zoomfunctie is deze monokijker geschikt voor iedere afstand.

Anti slip

Deze monokijker is erg compact en licht van design, wat hem ideaal voor reizen maakt.
Door de anti-slip uitvoering kun je eenvoudig de zoomfunctie verstellen en is scherpstellen ook geen probleem.

Helder zicht

Door de FMC coating en het Bak4 prisma heeft deze monokijker een erg helder zicht, zelfs wanneer het schemert.

Verstelbare zoomfunctie

De zoomfunctie is vanaf 7 tot 25x verstelbaar. Hierdoor kun je zowel objecten van dichtbij als veraf bekijken.

Complete set

De monokijker wordt geleverd inclusief draagtas, polsriem, schoonmaakdoekje, telefoonhouder en statief.

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When you buy a telescope for children or young users, it is of course necessary that it is very easy to install and use. Our telescopes are made in such a way that virtually no tinkering is required and that everyone can easily start their astronomy adventure.

We don't recommend the Vultus Galaxus, but the other telescopes are great for children and young users.

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We understand that getting started in astronomy can be overwhelming, which is why Vultus also offers 24/7 comprehensive support and learning materials to help you get started. to help you in your astronomical adventure.

With a Vultus telescope you can start your astronomical adventure in an accessible and enjoyable way, and lay the foundation for a lifelong exploration of the universe.

Of course, every telescope works differently. To help you get started, we have made explanation videos of our telescopes. These are easy to follow and can be viewed here.

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The manual also contains useful tips for observing the starry sky and using the telescope.

If this isn't enough, we have an entire section of our website dedicated to educational purposes, where you can find answers to many questions you may have.

If this is not sufficient, we are available 24/7 to help you get started! Go to our contact page to ask your question!

The following models come with a phone holder and Bluetooth adapter* as standard, making it easy to take photos:

Vultus Stellar, Vultus Galaxus & Vultus Lunus

*Allows you to take photos without touching your phone, helping you avoid vibration. The Bluetooth adapter automatically connects to your phone using... bluetooth.

The simple answer: No!

There is no need to spend a lot of money on your first telescope.

Expensive telescopes often do not necessarily have better optical performance. Instead, they have more complex mounting and tracking systems for more detailed observations and astrophotography.

A more expensive telescope would only be suitable if you have been involved in astronomy for a long time, which means you are ready for more complicated and extensive options , such as a Go-to system or an equatorial mount.

The telescopes we offer at Vultus have more than enough options and functionalities for beginners, which are not too complicated to get started with.

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What customers say about Vultus


You can really see beautiful things with this telescope! The moon looks great up close

Ceeshuiza review - September 19, 2023


Beautiful telescope, I gave it as a gift to my partner. He is very happy with it.

Sylmee review - June 6, 2023


The telescope arrived quickly and is a very good beginner's telescope, definitely recommended for beginners.

Jhaey28 review - March 13, 2023


The telescope meets all product specifications. The adjustable tripod is especially useful, so I can easily use the telescope with my son. In addition, the adjustable tripod in combination with the carrying bag makes this telescope ideal for outdoor use.

MartijnGHoog review - August 7, 2022


No need to spend €500+ on a spotting scope (I have done so in the past). This spotting scope does everything I expect it to do. Recommended.

AlexAliciA review - May 6, 2022


Extremely pleased with this stargazer. I'm still quite a beginner myself, but I've already seen some beautiful things. Tip: start looking with the eyepiece with the smallest magnification (start with 25x).

RobbieSuz review - April 7, 2022